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Sneak peak

February 29, 2008

Do you recall last month when Patti Carey was at our guild meeting and I asked about Mark Lipinski designing a line for Northcott? Well, over on his blog he is giving his readers a sneak peak of his new line califon which is due out in May, I think. You will have to scroll down quite a ways to the end of the post for the pics of the new fabrics. (Mark takes his readers on virtual tours of the countryside and shopping trips as well as commenting on American Idol and various other topics, so you can scroll past or read along as you choose). I like the black & white, but my favourite is the yellow so far. As with his last fabric line, Katmandu (go here to see a cool slide show presentation of this fabric line), califon is designed to encourage embellishment. Once it hits the stores, this may call for a trip to Country Concessions in Cookstown!


About halfway there…

February 28, 2008

completed rowsready to sew

I have four more rows of blocks to sew and then they need to be trimmed to the proper width and sewn together in the right order. I keep thinking I should be doing the quilting in sections but can’t quite remember how Winnie showed us she did it. I still have to cut and sew all the hst’s for the border.

New Resource

February 28, 2008

I have added new category with a link to an article about sewing machine needles from The Web of Thread. Now I know what the colours on the needles mean!

I like the Upcoming Events page. It will come in really handy for planning our road trips.

Current Works

February 28, 2008

With stresses at an all time high I reach for my quilting to calm and/or distract me from stuff I have no control over. So this is what I’ve been thinking about since the Quilt Blitz, last Saturday. Since the blocks were so varied (especially noticed this when I sewed the top together at home) it occurred to me that I could deliberately use different positioning to create new patterns.

Scrappy Variation scrappy-variation-2.jpg
Strip Variation: strip edge corner to corner

I also get to play with EQ! 🙂

This is the same block we used on Saturday…