New Resource


I have added new category with a link to an article about sewing machine needles from The Web of Thread. Now I know what the colours on the needles mean!

I like the Upcoming Events page. It will come in really handy for planning our road trips.



4 Responses to “New Resource”

  1. Kate Says:

    We might decide to do the quilting ideas on a separate page, like the “Upcoming Events” page.

  2. shoppegirlbrenda Says:

    I put my last post under Quilting Ideas but it probably should have been a different category – WIP’s maybe? Ah well, we can change it later if we want.

  3. shoppegirlsheree Says:

    I posted my thoughts on machine quilting, but did not categorize it. Does that mean it’s lost or can you see it?

  4. Kate Says:

    Did you ‘Publish’? Your changes/work will not be displayed until you are ready. “Save” or “Save and Continue to Edit” are just so you don’t lose your work… especially if it takes a while to compose your posting.

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