great pictures kate


I’ve only seen the raffle quilt up close. It really shows off nicely seeing it through the picture you took Kate. When ever I see the $10 H.H. quilt that Val showed it warms my heart. I wonder if we could get a copy of the pattern and make it a shoppe girl project? I know we missed the current $10 quilt that they are doing, but something to keep in mind for the future.


3 Responses to “great pictures kate”

  1. shoppegirlbrenda Says:

    Yes! I like that idea, too. Do you remember the other $10 quilt that was shown a few months ago? By Anne B.? There was one block in this pattern that didn’t seem to fit, so she switched it with another. Can’t see it on this picture, it is at the bottom of the quilt. We could ask at H.H. what pattern it is. I have the pattern for a previous $10 – Welcome to my Cabin by Linda Milligan and Nancy Smith – which is more cottagey than country.

  2. shoppegirlsheree Says:

    I do remeber that she mentioned something about a block she didn’t like and made a substitue, but don’t remember which one it was. I noticed on the H.H. site that they say $10 quilt plus pattern. Sounds like you have to buy the pattern so what do you get for the $10? Is it a small piece of fabric each month? I always thought it was the next set of intructions.

  3. Kate Says:

    It really depends how the shop decides to implement their $10 quilt. My experience was that we paid $10 for the first kit and received instructions about piecing (including rulers and various quilting techniques to create THE PERFECT BLOCK). Each month you received a new block kit . . . no cost provided you attended the ‘demo’.

    If you miss a session you pay $10 to continue. I only missed one session during the 12 blocks at Jilly Bean’s 2003 (you can see the blocks here: ). So my $10 quilt was actually $20 but still well worth the experience. Of course, while you are at the quilt shop anyways, you do browse and pick up the ‘essentials’.

    Theoretically, you can get a quilt top made for $10 but you will have to resist sales and all that fabric speaking to you as you visit the shop monthly 🙂

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