Photo sizing


When the pictures were uploaded for shoppegirlsheree’s posts, she was not given the option to use a thumbnail. I tried to edit the post when I got home from the Lone Star workshop today, but the only options available for these photos were File and Title. Because these picture files were 1MB and 2MB in size, I have a feeling that is the reason the thumbnail option was not available. I saved the files to my computer and resized them, reducing them by 75% and uploaded them again. This time I was given three options, Thumbnail, Full Size and Title. I selected the Full size option. If you click on the pictures they appear only slightly larger than they appear in the post. The file size are now only 110kb to 130kb and they load quickly. The Amish colour fabric photo is 722kb and it also only have two display options, so I don’t know what the max file size for thumbnail or full size options would be. We will have to experiment.


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