picture number 2




4 Responses to “picture number 2”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I love these little quilting samples! And your “Painted Fusible” pieces! They are all gorgeous but I especially like the one with the “sun” quilting. Fabulous!

  2. Kate Says:

    Perhaps the king size quilt is not the best quilt to ‘practice’ machine quilting.

    I’m currently considering a practice project from the “Quilting Arts” Magazine. I am intrigued by the pattern for journal covers that includes materials:

    Shout – Color Catcher sheets
    (does anyone know if these are available in Canadian shops?),
    fine felt,
    spray glue,
    acrylic paints,
    embellishments (beads and ribbons)

    How do did you like quilting painted fabrics?

  3. shoppegirlsheree Says:

    Sorry for my tardy response Kate, but I found machine quilting painted fabric gummed up the needle. I did break a needle when I hit a bead, but that was my fault. I learned that I should add beads after the quilting is done. I would like to know where you can get the color catcher sheets as well. Your future project sounds intriging. Do show us your progress.

  4. Cathy Willoughby Says:

    I found Shout Colour Catchers at BouClair when they still had cotton fabric. Try Fabricland.

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