Irons, Irons, Irons


Who knew there was so much to learn about irons. Last year my trusty $20 iron plunged to its death during a rousing game of hide-and-seek with the kids. Fortunately, the only casualty was my iron but I was in desperate need on an iron…


After I told my sad story, one of my quilting friends donated her extra iron (thanks Mona!). The first time I used my ‘new’ iron I discovered that the dead iron had not been performing. Sure, I went through the motions. But when I pressed my first piece with the ‘new’ iron… holy cow! It only took one pass.

With the truly hot iron I have also discovered new problems. Where my old iron was perfect for synthetics my ‘new’ iron actually melted them 😦

The sole plate was terribly gummed up before I realized that the batting was bearding. It never happened with my other iron! Does that tell you how temperature challenged my iron WAS? Now the iron was actually melting the stray fibers (who knew!). So, I had to learn how to clean my iron. I found some really helpful sites but ended up trying a tube of paste that smelled up the whole house (my family gave me grief for that!). I’d like to find a more environmentally friendly technique and am currently investigating the ‘clay-based’ cleaners… Suggestions are welcome.

As it happens, yesterday Joanne hooked me and Brenda up with some iron training (see you at the show!). The only place to shop for irons will be the CreativFestival. I couldn’t believe how many irons there were to choose. My old iron just doesn’t measure up!

old-and-new.jpg DigitalVelocity (on the left) next to my iron



2 Responses to “Irons, Irons, Irons”

  1. shoppegirlbrenda Says:

    Yes, who knew all this stuff about irons. I was surprised to see all the holes on my soleplate of my Rowenta when I got home. All that wasted steam! Good article on cleaning irons, I think I will try the vinegar on the soleplate and see what it does.

  2. shoppegirlsheree Says:

    I too have an iron that is heat challenged. I can iron just about anything on the linen setting. I have used the velocity iron at a quilt shop and was very impressed. I also like the weight of it, (I believe it weighs in around 4lbs.) not to mention the nice facial you get. I noticed a tailors shop at a local mall advertising this iron in their window and was selling them for a much higher price than Joanne’s.

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