Mystery Quilt, so far …


Yep, I’m up-to-date and I wanted to share my progress on the mystery quilt, so far… am I allowed to do that? Ooo, would you like to see my guess about the final block?

Warning! If you want to guess for yourself, don’t scroll to my second image 🙂

Mystery (March)

8 1/2″ block

As far as the colours go, I don’t think my ‘accent’ fabric (red) works well with the ‘dark’ fabric. Not for the intended pattern, perhaps, but the colours are pleasing to my eye so all is good.

I had fun playing around with the remaining pieces and this is what I’ve guessed …



2 Responses to “Mystery Quilt, so far …”

  1. shoppegirlbrenda Says:

    I like your guess on the finished block. I think you are right. I can see how there would be numerous layout options for the finished quilt top.

  2. shoppegirlsheree Says:

    Your red accent fabric is going to look great, but you know that red is one of my favorite colours. I think you will be pleased with your choice.

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