Mystery Quilt


Shhh! I’m not supposed to let anyone know that I received the last set of instructions earlier. I’m not giving too much away by showing you a close up of one block.  Keep in mind there will be 11 options for you to choose from and it could look completely different. My colours remind me of a watermelon and the circles the seeds.  It’s funny how you like your three colours together before make your final arrangements then one of the colours pops more than you thought.  


2 Responses to “Mystery Quilt”

  1. Kate Says:

    Isn’t that what a mystery is all about, eh? The colours we choose affect the look and feel of the same pattern and no two quilts will look alike. The slight blending of my colours will certainly affect my final layout choice.

    I’m definitely bringing my camera to the meetings so I can capture the results.

  2. shoppegirlbrenda Says:

    I love your colours! Your finished top is going to be gorgeous! I think we need to talk to Helen at the meeting about having the mystery quilt tops hung on the walls at the last meeting so we can have more time to study them.

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