Creativ Festival


So, I spent the weekend working at the Creativ Festival and in keeping with our group name, managed to squeeze in some shopping.  Joanne’s booth was across the aisle from the Janome booth and they have come out with a table which fits my 6500.  There is a drawer on the left-hand side and measurements in both inches and centimetres marked on the front edge.  So much better than the extension table that came with the machine.  I have to quilt a 17″ background square for the Folded Flowers workshop on Saturday, so this will be a good test for the new table.


2 Responses to “Creativ Festival”

  1. Kate Says:

    Looking good!

    Be sure to post the results of your Folded Flowers workshop, too. I’ll have to photograph the fabrics I bought (shopped!)… were we supposed to make money from working at the show? It is difficult to resist!

  2. sheree Says:

    That looks so much better than the plexiglass extensions that you can get. Machine quilting will now be that much easier. Do you load your bobbin from the top of the machine or on its’s side and if it’s the side is it easy to get to when the machine is inserted into the table? Looking forward to seeing your folded flower piece.

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