Cool toy, but $$$ !


AccuCut Fabric Cutting System
Have a look at the AccuCut Fabric Cutting System. Click on the link to “WATCH THE VIDEO…” at the top of the page to see how the machine works. One of the dies is for cutting squares with pre-cut fringe for rag quilts. There’s a time saver for your Ragtime quilt! I think it would be fun to play with all the different dies, if I had a spare grand or two laying around. On the latest episode of the Quilt Show, Alex and Ricky visit a group of ladies making charity quilts using strips and the quilt-as-you-go stitch and flip method and then they applique a few fun shapes cut with the AccuCut onto the finished quilt. It looked like a lot of fun! The guild may not be able to afford an AccuCut, but they might be able to use the Strip Quilt idea for Community Projects.


One Response to “Cool toy, but $$$ !”

  1. shoppegirlsheree Says:

    They keep coming up with these gadgets to make our life easier, but yes quite expensive. The Hobby Horse has purchased this machine with several dies and they are making their own jelly rolls (no pinked edges) and they also have the die to make ragged edges for rag quilts. The nice thing is that they can do it out of any fabric, not all from one line.

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