Border choices…


I have been trying to decide on borders for the “Playing with Triangles” quilt top from Cathy’s workshop. I have narrowed it down to two choices. The first I could finish immediately as both fabrics are in my stash. The second choice I would have to go shopping to find the outer border fabric. First is dark, second is light. Which do you prefer?

1st border choice


2nd border choice

I could order the second fabric online or find something similar with cream background and open’ish’ floral print.  Hmmm…


3 Responses to “Border choices…”

  1. Kate Says:

    Do I smell a shopping trip!?!

    My eyes keep drifting to the darker outside border… so I think I prefer your second choice which isn’t stealing the show from your triangles.

  2. shoppegirlsheree Says:

    The second choice keeps it looking airy, where the first one is a little drab making it look heavy. I vote for the second one.

  3. ta3560 Says:

    Like the dark one.

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