I was thinking what I might work on next when it hit me… I hadn’t posted my completed mystery quilt. Well, the ‘flimsy’ anyways. Mostly I’ve been occupied with city errands, gardening, and photography.

The mystery is solved

The mystery is solved!

So, what took me so long to post my mystery quilt? I feel like all quilting stopped after our last guild meeting. It’s so sad, really.

If you want to see everyone else’s mystery quilt, you’ll have to visit the show-and-tell on our guild blog (http://bqguild.wordpress.com).

Oh, I also have a picture of Brenda’s quilt! I think it turned out very nice.

President's quilt for Brenda

President's quilt for Brenda


One Response to “Flimsy”

  1. sheree Says:

    I think your colour choices turned out really well. I promised myself not to start anything new over the summer and just finished up projects already in progress. I decided to hand quilt my mystery. It just seems to big to comfortably fit in my machine not to mention my skill level is very low when it comes to machine quilting. Which brings me to finishing up my yellow brick road pattern which was supposed to give me machine quilting practice and my lone star from Patti Carey’s class. They are next on my list then the Northcott Challenge and the Celtic Block Challenge. Lots to do and so little time on these gorgeous summer days.

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