Valentine Bargello Workshop


Here are the quilts we made at the workshop we took at Cock-a-doodle Quilts

After spending the last four days in pain with a wrenched back, I have finally started working on getting the borders on this quilt.  I wish the workshop had been just a little longer so we could have had time to get the border batting attached.  I don’t think I stitched the first small border on correctly and I had to unstitch the ends to get the batting in properly.  Anyone else have their borders finished yet?


3 Responses to “Valentine Bargello Workshop”

  1. Kate Says:

    My borders are on… just need to add the binding.

  2. sheree Says:

    All finished and hanging over the railing. The next time I wouldn’t put the contrasting 1 1/2″fabric on the back, but use the same backing fabric. I didn’t get mine ironed flat in the class and the sewing shows up crooked. To much to rip. A lesson learned – press better or use matching fabric.

  3. Kate Says:

    I used matching fabric… fortunately I had enough for the borders but that meant I didn’t have enough for the binding. Fortuitous, perhaps?

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