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Spinning Diversion

March 14, 2012

Spinning has been diverting me from quilting… I’ve resisted learning to spin, from my mum, for years. How? Well, I’m allergic to wool and wool was what she spun.

That all changed when we acquired three alpacas.

Spool with single-ply alpaca yarn

Single-ply Alpaca Yarn

I settled on spinning the 2nds and 3rds from an older alpaca (I wouldn’t want to waste the good stuff!). So, what to do with the first spun? There are curly twists aplenty and no¬†consistency. I didn’t expect perfection but I would like to make something from my efforts. So… I thought a rug might be suitable till I found “Lucy’s Bed“.

Now I’m on my way to finishing my first project. Woohoo! 20 rows to go before it’s felted.

First Project

Knitted Cat Bed - to be felted


Starry Night

March 14, 2012
Starry Night

Starry Night

Progress continues on my $10 quilt at Country Concessions… I really should post a little more often but I’m afraid my negative attitude may be off-putting.

I’ve been watching as many of my friends move on with more “artsy” quilts… AND since I’m experiencing mega-boredom with the half-square triangles in this quilt I’m thinking that’s the way to go. Any way to get away from the half-square-triangle hell I’ve found myself in. Half-square triangles, month after month, are tedious! If the fabric wasn’t so energetic I would have abandoned the project months ago. Sigh…