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Next Project – Update

April 1, 2010

I’m not sure why I was procrastinating with this project… but the cutting is done now.

Next quilt fabric choice.

Decisions, decisions!

Fabrics have been selected and cut to 9″… why not the 10″ we discussed? Well, I used several fat quarters and one of them (ahem! the focus fabric) I couldn’t squeeze out the extra inch. I’m okay with that… However, I’m wondering about the green. Does it belong? My instinct is No! … Ah well, I’ll soon find out.


Focus Fabric

March 6, 2010

Okay, this will probably be my focus fabric for the next project… the question will be, “Do I have enough?” I have many pinks and reds, a few greens, and not so many beiges.

We’re Still Here

November 19, 2008

You’d think we weren’t up to anything quilty … It has been way too long since our last posting!

It’s about time to catch up on our latest activities. Late September things got busy on the quilting front. With general guild meetings, quilt show meetings, and the CreativFestival I haven’t had a second to think about blogging.

So, our latest is a group project to create a miniature for the upcoming Quilt Show, in May. That means I’ve gotta get quilting. This makes four projects on the go.

I’ve got some colour choices for my block. What do you think of this choice? (more…)

First Serger Project

August 13, 2008

I managed to produce two valances with my new serger without any major problems – yeah for me! Now my bathrooms are complete…

AND… I still have fabric left over for other projects… sweet!

The X Bag

May 21, 2008

Just finished the bag.  I used a medium weight iron on stiffner and it is quite stiff.  The sample we saw at the Etobicoke show must have used a lightweight one because it felt softer when I picked it up. The three compartments inside will be great for going to quilt shows.  One for my wallet, one for my camera and the other for the program and small purchases.  All ready to go!

Fabric Dilemma

May 21, 2008

Did I mention the dilemma I encountered with the log cabin? It was really hard to pick lights and darks with the package of batiks…


Giveaway project

March 25, 2008

I think I might have to make the full-size quilt of this block in these colours –

Indigo & Gold Table Topper

If I had used the same “no press” technique as the Lone Star, I might have finished this much more quickly. But, it took most of yesterday afternoon and I finished the quilting today.

second choice

March 6, 2008


This is a picture of the Christmas fabric that is also an option. It will make for an interesting boarder. What do you think I should do for Saturday?

Saturday’s workshop

March 6, 2008

I have two fabric choices to choose from for the workshop on Saturday.  The solid colours which lends itself to an amish look with finishing off with hand quilting and the Christmas fabrics.  The Christmas fabrics will give me a chance to use a focus boarder fabric that might teach me how to miter and match the corners. The later would be best machine quilted.  What do you think girls?  quilt-pictures-002.jpg

Sneak peak

February 29, 2008

Do you recall last month when Patti Carey was at our guild meeting and I asked about Mark Lipinski designing a line for Northcott? Well, over on his blog he is giving his readers a sneak peak of his new line califon which is due out in May, I think. You will have to scroll down quite a ways to the end of the post for the pics of the new fabrics. (Mark takes his readers on virtual tours of the countryside and shopping trips as well as commenting on American Idol and various other topics, so you can scroll past or read along as you choose). I like the black & white, but my favourite is the yellow so far. As with his last fabric line, Katmandu (go here to see a cool slide show presentation of this fabric line), califon is designed to encourage embellishment. Once it hits the stores, this may call for a trip to Country Concessions in Cookstown!