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Next Project

November 3, 2009

Working on our next project, the Bento Box… Here’s my sneak peek!

Bento Box

Red Blocks

These blocks are my test blocks… The funny thing is that I was testing the darker fabric choice (blue) to see if the large print would work… but discovered that the ‘directional’ was actually more bothersome.


Bento Box quilt block

Bento Box quilt block

Anyone interested can find good instructions on the  Sunshine Quilters website, March 2006.



January 15, 2009

These are my final fabric choices. Even though the Alder leaf doesn’t really have an autumn colour I’ve seen yellow floating in a stream. Hopefully artistic license is allowed. So, here goes!



Also, I thought I’d share my test leaf since I’m not sure about this “thread art” thingy…

Test Block

Test Block

Don’t mind the puckering. The tension is fine for steam-a-seam leaf area. Might try a test stem with steam-a-seam.

We’re Still Here

November 19, 2008

You’d think we weren’t up to anything quilty … It has been way too long since our last posting!

It’s about time to catch up on our latest activities. Late September things got busy on the quilting front. With general guild meetings, quilt show meetings, and the CreativFestival I haven’t had a second to think about blogging.

So, our latest is a group project to create a miniature for the upcoming Quilt Show, in May. That means I’ve gotta get quilting. This makes four projects on the go.

I’ve got some colour choices for my block. What do you think of this choice? (more…)

Baby quilt for my niece

September 15, 2008

One of my summer projects almost finished.  Just need to decide on how I want to machine quilt it.  I am thinking of trying out the new bamboo batting.  Has anyone tried it yet? The bias rectangles gave me some grief and I had to go out and buy new fabric because I was not happy with the results.  On a trip to Shakespeare I found a birangle ruler that made the job go a lot easier.  Now I’m looking for a way to make the bias rectangles with no seam in the middle to eliminate some of the bulk.  Some research and I have found that Elanore Burns has a ruler that allows you to make a triangle in the middle and taking a rectangle and cutting it from one corner kitty corner to the other.  When put it together you can trim up the block to the size you need.  I can’t believe I’m thinking of needing another ruler, but I have fabric to make this same pattern in a queen size!

I hope it's a boy!

I hope it

Cool toy, but $$$ !

June 16, 2008

AccuCut Fabric Cutting System
Have a look at the AccuCut Fabric Cutting System. Click on the link to “WATCH THE VIDEO…” at the top of the page to see how the machine works. One of the dies is for cutting squares with pre-cut fringe for rag quilts. There’s a time saver for your Ragtime quilt! I think it would be fun to play with all the different dies, if I had a spare grand or two laying around. On the latest episode of the Quilt Show, Alex and Ricky visit a group of ladies making charity quilts using strips and the quilt-as-you-go stitch and flip method and then they applique a few fun shapes cut with the AccuCut onto the finished quilt. It looked like a lot of fun! The guild may not be able to afford an AccuCut, but they might be able to use the Strip Quilt idea for Community Projects.

The X Bag

May 21, 2008

Just finished the bag.  I used a medium weight iron on stiffner and it is quite stiff.  The sample we saw at the Etobicoke show must have used a lightweight one because it felt softer when I picked it up. The three compartments inside will be great for going to quilt shows.  One for my wallet, one for my camera and the other for the program and small purchases.  All ready to go!

3rd picture

March 18, 2008


picture number 2

March 18, 2008


Machine Quilting

March 18, 2008

quilt-pictures-machine-quilting-001-50.jpgI am cleaning up projects in my sewing space to move forward. These are a few of the painted fusibles I did with Judy Makinson’s workshop. The other photo is of my yellow brick road soon to be tablecloth that I need machine quilting ideas for. Any ideas? I played around with the leftovers from the yellow brick road and tried out my free motion quilting.  The idea to try this came from Cathy W.  

Another Blitz Idea

March 17, 2008

What would you think of the Quiltville Strings  as a variation to the blitz strippy quilt? It would require smaller strips but 4 7/8″ squares would be needed for background fabrics.

Just a thought,